High-Temp Tools

The main technology currently used in horizontal well drilling is MWD (ie, drilling while drilling) and for formation evaluation LWD (logging while drilling). The MWD system consists of a downhole sensor assembly, a data transmission or downhole recording device and a ground detection processing device. All LWD systems apply sensors close to the upper part of the drill bit to measure drilling parameters and formation parameters. The data measured during drilling is transmitted in real time to the ground. MWD generally measures the inclination, orientation and tool face direction. In addition to the above, LWD can also measure resistivity, natural gamma, lithology density, neutron, acoustic wave and other formation parameters. In order to realize MWD, LWD and other systems efficiently and quickly, SUNUS ELECTRONICS cooperates with famous manufacturers to provide ralated products including natural gamma measurement sensors, azimuth gamma sensors, sensor control digital transmission modules, etc. 

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